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Technical expertise and services for the digital music industry

We provide complete design and implementation, project management and metadata processing for your music metadata initiative. And the focus and attention to detail that ensures your satisfaction.

Process powers performance

We build and manage the processes that fuel steady, continuous improvement, and that contribute to the success of your project. Count on us for processes that are rigorous and persistent to:

  • Create, produce and translate both original and other content

  • Match and enrich temporary and permanent operations

  • Provide quality control and benchmarking for metadata, including benchmarks from different sources

  • Aggregate metadata for KPIs and dashboards, and for time-based comparisons

Dedicated project teams and technical support

Our teams are focused on your needs and committed to your success. Engagement leaders and their teams manage integration processes and schedules mapped to your specific requirements, proactively communicate progress, solve problems and provide ongoing support. So you get what you expect, how and when you want it.

We support our data feeds and API with dedicated technical support, with specific monitoring for SLAs.

  • Catalog, editorial and legal support for coverage, content production and legal issues

  • Support for your project team, from planning to development and through completion

  • Superior metadata options, combining licenses, processes and technology

Catalog cleansing
and enrichment

We ingest your metadata catalog and match it against our own, ensuring it’s accurate, up-to-date and associated with the right content.

  • Artist disambiguation

  • Identification of inconsistencies, and calibration of mixed discographies

  • Enrich your metadata with Music Story licensed content

  • Provision of a clean, enriched and seamless catalog using your own IDs

Control your coverage

Music Story proactively monitors your playlists and charts, ensuring coverage of your catalog. Detection of a missing artist or title triggers an immediate response, matching the missing information against a population or curated content. It’s another way we contribute to your subscribers’ engagement and enjoyment.

Frameworks to accelerate your time to value

Music Story technical frameworks help you evaluate the accuracy of content sources, and help you determine the best sources to meet your objectives.

Powerful audio processing and fingerprinting

We offer a complete solution for audio identification and recommendations. In combination with our advanced audio processing and descriptions calculation, and in partnership with Simbals, it provides:

Fingerprint calculation and audio identification of recordings, delivering a high level of recognition in short acquisition times

Audio descriptors calculation for low level, as tempo and volume, and at a high level for recognition of music vs speech, or vocals vs instrumentals

Moods and themes descriptors, powered by machine learning matches against either internal or external corpuses

Easy integrations with the Music Story API

The Music Story API streamlines integration of our music metadata in every context and environment. To explore our API or get a free API account with a limited number of calls, please subscribe to the Music Story developer portal.