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How Music Story is helping bring to life the LiveOne music and livestream experience


LiveOne is unique among digital music services with its emphasis on livestreams of concerts and festivals, complemented by expertly curated streaming radio stations, podcasts, and original artist video and audio content.

While artist images are a key part of the experience it offers subscribers, it found conventional metadata solutions ill-equipped to tailor images and associated content to the wide variety of devices used by customers. And it found conventional metadata providers not nearly quick or nimble enough to meet their needs.


Music Story is working with LiveOne to deliver a consistently great experience across a wide array of customer devices, including mobile phones, laptops, TV, and automotive infotainment systems, while optimizing the presentation of artist images and associated content to the unique characteristics of each device.

Music Story is also working as a partner in innovation, helping LiveOne create new customer experiences while working as an extension of the LiveOne development team and within its agile development environment.


“Music Story offers LiveOne the most attractive pool of content. And also the most attractive delivery mechanism to get it into our system and in front of our customers.

“We are very comfortable betting on Music Story to deliver a more aesthetically pleasing experience, in a world of decreasing attention spans and where aesthetics matter. Because the likelihood of a customer interacting with us goes up when we present them with something beautiful.”

Jaime Solis, VP Content, Product, & CX, LiveOne Media, Inc. // Slacker Radio