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Music Story

A unique combination of technical resources and musical expertise

We solve clients’ resource scarcity problem with a unique combination of technical and musical expertise, delivering accurate metadata, superior technical outcomes and remarkable subscriber experiences.

Reliable metadata you can count on

Music Story provides you with steady, reliable metadata. And the peace of mind that results from it.

Music metadata is complicated.
Managing it doesn’t have to be

Music Story is the first choice of many of the world’s leading digital music companies. They rely on us to solve their most challenging development and integration projects. And to augment their internal teams with technical expertise, additional capacity and music-specific chops.

Music Story is the digital music industry’s customer first provider

Customer first is more than a slogan. It’s the guiding principle of our business, a core value and the cornerstone of our company culture. It’s one of the many ways Music Story is different from traditional, bureaucratic metadata companies.

Solutions matched to your needs

We design technical solutions to match your specific requirements. And we build custom content to meet your criteria, and to satisfy the needs of your subscribers and customers.

Global footprint

Our teams span time zones and geographies, so we can create localized content and put technical resources to work where and when you need them. We’re the clear alternative to other companies’ missing or incomplete international coverage.